Having dual technical degrees is not something many people or engineering roles see a need for in the traditional, walled-off engineering culture in most larger companies. Do you think this double major is worth it? Our curriculum, accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), trains students to think independently. The classes described below can be taken on an individual basis to explore the field of computer engineering. I see what you’re saying. The ECE Department began offering courses for the computer … A subreddit for discussion of all things electrical and computer engineering. The computer engineering major is an ideal match for students who are interested in computer hardware, integrating hardware and software, or developing software tools. You'd lose out on 7 months of full time engineering salary, 7 months of engineering experience to put on your resume, the cost of the four classes, and possibly your first raise. 2nd Majors offered by other ... Computer Engineering; Business Analytics; Information Security; Special Programmes; Undergraduate Brochure; Admissions. If more than one of the majors is in the College of Engineering and one is under enrollment control, the student must request the major that is under enrollment control during the major. I’m EE and I don’t think it would be worth it. Important Information on Major Changes Change of Major The requirements to change majors into the Computer Science (CS) major in the College of Letters and Science changed in Spring Quarter 2015. The courses, depending on your University, are quite different and i don't think i would change my decision today. The computer engineering degree offers a balanced approach to both hardware and software, as well as other areas of engineering. Those classes don’t really sound interesting to me except for DSP. It is an integration of computer science and electrical engineering. Only issue now is, I’m not even sure if it’s worth it anymore. The computer engineering major is an ideal match for students who are interested in computer hardware, integrating hardware and software, or developing software tools. I honestly don’t know what I’m really interested in yet. And I’m starting to see that working at this company. To put into perspective how most places think they're the same thing, my college has a major called, "Electrical and Computer Engineering" that I'm currently taking. But they do have a software engineering concentration within their Computer Science program, as well as in Computer Engineering. One is available to students enrolled in the College of LSA and the other is for students enrolled in the College of Engineering. The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers double majors in electrical engineering/computer science and electrical engineering/physics. (Focus areas are not listed on transcripts or diplomas.) 2021 Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Northwestern University. The NUS Computer Engineering programme is holistic and comprehensive. Advising Aids for Computer Engineering Majors. Computer engineering graduates might want to get a master’s degree in the field of computer engineering’ to advance their career or get higher salaries. Dont let the name of the courses fool you, DSP and DIP for me have always been two different subjects - the former dealing with sampling, Fourier, anti aliasing etc, while the later dealt with spatial analysis, compression, etc. While doing my concentration in CompE with my EE degree I took all the fun classes and my school is so limited on Computer Engineering technical electives, I have to take grad level classes. CompE already accepts EE with relevant classes. The in-major GPA is the average over all major required courses (including required electives). Double Major Programmes; Double Major Programmes 2nd Majors offered by NUS Computing . Small honors classes foster intellectual exchange and close interaction with faculty, offering the advantages of a small college alongside all the resources of a nationally recognized research university. The bachelor of science in computer engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northwestern University educates students in the basic principles and modern practices of the field of computer engineering. A double degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering requires satisfying the requirements for both the Electrical Engineering and the Computer Engineering degrees and completing at least 30 credits beyond the number required by the primary degree. Double major and minor information Data Science in the College of Engineering is a contemporary and exciting major, full of expected employment opportunities and ways to impact the world. Press J to jump to the feed. Students who are considering switching to CS must have a 3.0 GPA at the time … Undergraduate; Graduate; Financial Aid; COVID19. There's so much overlap that I'd say it isn't worth it. All curriculum requirements in engineering … If the university allows you to do it, you could take maybe 2 of those courses per semester while working and just watch lecture videos/read the material to teach yourself. engineering degrees by double majoring. Hopefully through this internship I’ll get a better idea of what I want to do. It doesn’t change your chances of getting employed and it’s double the work. For this double major, I don't see the value. The Berkeley electrical engineering and computer sciences major (EECS), offered through the College of Engineering, combines fundamentals of computer science and electrical engineering in one major.Note that students wishing to study computer science at UC Berkeley have two different major options: The EECS major leads to the Bachelor of Science (BS), while the the College of Letters & Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Students must adhere to the University and College policies on double majors. Some of our graduates seek advanced degrees at top graduate programs, and many go on to work at some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Amazon, Boeing, Google, IBM, and Intel. What im thinking of doing is requesting to stay at the internship longer, then coming back home and just graduating with the degree I’ve already fulfilled. Students who double major must complete a minimum of 160 credits and fulfill the requirements for each of the degree programs. We pride ourselves on offering the strongest technical foundation in computing available at any school in the country. Throughout college you’ll end up gravitating towards what you’re passionate about anyway. CS already accepts anything. Luckily I only have to take one freshman/sophomore level course and three senior tech electives in CompE. For me I have a few engineering electives that I get to choose what I take and many of the options are electrical or CE courses. I can finish this internship, come back home and do one more semester of school then graduate in December with a double major in CompE and EE. It sounds very much like your EE degree with a CompE concentration is similar to this degree program at my college, and I think stating the concentration in computer engineering would be sufficient. I will not be making any money for that time lol. For this reason, many people who want to become computer engineers earn an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering (often with a minor or double major in computer science), and then earn a graduate degree in computer engineering . Students completing a double degree will receive two separate diplomas. Likewise, students cannot pursue more than one undergraduate engineering degree concurrently. Hey guys, so I am an electrical engineering student at my university with a concentration in computer engineering. Theres only three undergrad CompE electives at my school and they are systems programming, digital image processing, and digital signal processing. I did land an internship and I like it so far. If it sounds like something you would end up not enjoying, I would not suggesting doing it just for the degree. Do you enjoy both subjects enough to learn them with no reward? You'll become the indispensible technical leader in a smaller, fast-moving company. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering graduates will have an understanding of embedded hardware and software systems, stand-alone and distributed computing systems, and computer networks. Our curriculum, accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), trains students to think independently, to master the systematic approach to problem solving, and to have a keen awareness of the role engineering plays in a modern technological society. The double major between Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering is a strategic combination of the broad foundations of Biomedical Engineering with the in-depth preparation of Electrical Engineering. At the same time, being able to apply for more jobs might be helpful. The program requirements are almost exactly the same for both majors (Computer Science – LSA and Computer Science – Eng). No. I am lightly considering a masters degree in CompE too, would that make my double major irrelevant? It sounds very much like your EE degree with a CompE concentration is similar to this degree program at my college, and I think stating the concentration in computer engineering would be sufficient. It is also flexible enough to consider a double major subject to the rules of the respective colleges. With the declaration of CS as an impacted major, new prerequisites for transferring into the major will be enforced. Of course I would say do whatever interests you, but as a ECE recent grad (bachelor's) I've found pretty much all of my classes, EE and CE to be useful in some way. Computer engineers analyze, design, develop and program all types of information processing systems, commonly called “computers.” Yet the application of these systems goes far beyond simple computation. You could apply to Comp E jobs as an EE. Those interested in computer hardware and software will benefit most from combining the principles of computer science and computer engineering in a double major program. Note 2: Some universities don’t even have a Software Engineering major. Its not worth it, theyll expect you to be well versed in all aspects of ECE already. Process to add a major: In this particular case, realize that EE 30 years ago automatically did both because CE didn't exist - there was only EE which included everything in CE. Just sucks because I’m not all that interested in the available electives. Another big reason why I picked up this double major was so I can be able to get an internship in the summer, which would count as a technical elective, so now I only need four classes to fulfill the double major. a) CSE Curricula for Minors and Double Majors: CSE Minor Program Curriculum: The following minor curriculum is applicable for students in non-CSE departments who started their B Tech in the Aug 2015 semester or later. Hmmm I don’t think so honestly. Do i think that it has given me a significant edge over just ee people, no, i can program a lot better, it enabled me to get a asic design internship and made me better understand complex digital systems. program offers the study of engineering and business in a single curriculum; you’ll graduate in four years with two Bachelor of Science degrees. Most companies see them as the same thing. What do you guys think? A simultaneous degree is the pursuit of two majors in different colleges or schools. After graduation you might have a career like engineering consulting, computer-aided design and manufacturing, law consulting, or systems engineering. Become an undergraduate student in the McCormick School of Engineering. Or is EE with comp E concentration sufficient? For instance, two majors in chemical engineering and art history will result in a double major at these schools, while two majors in business and economics will be a dual major. Even if it doesn't progress you towards a second degree, the knowledge is still yours. I recently added a double major of computer engineering because it would only be an additional 5 computer engineering classes, considering my EE degree is concentrated in CompE. Will it help with employability? I have finished all classes for my EE degree in May so I’m graduating in the Fall after taking my remaining CompE classes. Computer engineering majors must maintain at least a 2.0 in-major GPA (as calculated by SIS). I’m working with the ASIC/FPGA team during my internship and I like it so far. The department offers two program paths to a degree in computer science.