En un video extraordinario en el que narra su vida de… YouTube logo; Menu. A sus 82 años, narra con gran candidez su gloriosa vida en los mejores teatros del mundo. It's all here. In 1955 she made her debut in Madrid as a concert singer and toured Spain, Portugal, Welcome to official facebook page of spanish mezzosoprano *TERESA BERGANZA* Berganza studied at the Madrid Conservatory. In Teresa Berganza everything previously said gives an abundant argumentation to deduct an aesthetic synthesis, over which a sound personality lays a style. She is admired for her technical virtuosity, musical intelligence, and beguiling stage presence. Teresa Berganza Vargas OAXS is a Spanish mezzo-soprano. The voice itself was stunningly beautiful, the phrasing and approach fully idiomatic for her chosen roles. Mozart and for her concert singing. Acclaimed by Herbert von Karajan, no less, as ‘the Carmen of the century’, Teresa Berganza was a singer who defied easy categorization. Teresa Berganza enriches the sounds through inexorable phraseology; managing to send forth nitid words through a melody, her “legato” fuses rhythms and cadencies like a goldsmith. Teresa Berganza, Spanish mezzo-soprano, known for her performance of coloratura roles in the operas of Gioacchino Rossini and W.A. Welcome to the new webpage Teresa Berganza, where you can find both the latest as a sincere reflection of her artistic life. A new music service with official albums, singles, videos, remixes, live performances and more for Android, iOS and desktop. Mar 16 2018. Incredible spanish mezzosoprano TERESA BERGANZA sings the song "Le Violette" by Alessandro Scarlatti.Recital in Japan 1984 She is most closely associated with the roles of Rossini, Mozart, and Bizet. Teresa Berganza. Teresa Berganza es una gloria del Bel Canto española. In her opinion, the best present life has given her (apart from her children) is having had the opportunity to live passionately, to sing the music she has sung and on the stages on which she has done … Search. One viable definition of the word “joy” might be hearing Teresa Berganza sing. For Teresa Berganza singing is an act of love. 215 talking about this. This page is intended to be a common space for all those who love an outline of a life full of applause , study and respect for the composers who played throughout his beautiful career. A diva without being diva-like, a musician before being a singer, Teresa Berganza in Mozart and Rossini, her two loves.