Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Atom #3 DC Comics November 1962 First Appearance of Chronos Deal! • The Atom appeared in "The Roast", the second of two 1979 live-action TV specials aired under the umbrella title Legends of the Superheroes. [46] The 2007 series Countdown: Arena at first suggests that a new Breach was created on the Earth-8 the new Multiverse, although whether this indeed happened is called into question when the Breach featured in the miniseries is revealed to be the same mainstream Breach featured in the eponymous limited series. Palmer intended to use Cray to uncover a shadowy government cabal who were using Palmer to discover the secret identities of other costumed heroes (Palmer's own identity no longer being secret). Dean Mayland - The dean at Ivy University who dislikes Atom. Captain Atom next appeared in issue #7 (May 1982) of the new-talent showcase comic also called Charlton Bullseye, in a story by writer Benjamin Smith and artist/co-writer Dan Reed, which for some reason returned him to his original red & yellow outfit. Later, Palmer offers his blessing to the couple when they marry, and he offers Hoben his size-changing belt so that Hoben can protect Ivy Town after Ray returns to the Morlaidhans. For his non-superhero activities, Nathaniel uses the alias Cameron Scott, an Air Force intelligence operative. He discusses his time in the Wildstorm Universe, and his desire to visit other alternate worlds.[11]. [6] Adam is apparently destroyed by the Manhunter's self-destruct mechanism, unleashing an explosion of Green Lantern energy that eradicates the Black Lanterns.[7]. In the final issue of 52, a new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 identical realities. The combatants of the series are introduced as a new Breach of Earth-8, a Ronnie Raymond/Nathaniel Adam fusion called "Quantum-Storm" from Earth-37, and another from Earth-38 who rules over his Atomic Knights. Captain Atom refers to his name and rank as "Codename: Captain Atom". Several times he has "detonated", releasing a massive amount of energy at once, destroying objects within a certain radius, as demonstrated by his destruction of Bludhaven. Excessive or intense use of his abilities has resulted in Captain Atom temporarily losing his own molecular stability. He is his own most daring experiment: a hero-in-the-works. During the climax of Year One Atom is selected to join Batman, Catwoman, Black Canary, and Green Arrow on their mission to the Fortress of Solitude to retrieve an enhancer pill as he is the only one who can stand on par with Superman. Captain Atom joins the Justice League at the request of the U.S. government, eventually serving as leader of Justice League Europe. For the superhero who can shrink his body, see, DC Rebirth: The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom, Manning, Matthew K. "1980s" in Dolan, p. 229: "March [1987] debuted the new Captain Atom in his first DC series, by writer Cary Bates and penciler Pat Broderick. After surrendering and being handed over to the police, Johnny was released into his mother's custody. The first Atomic Fragmentation will pull enemies to you while the second will refresh your Quark-Gluon Aura if it is already active. Lightning hits a satellite, electrocuting Johnny and granting him speed powers. Captain Atom appears briefly in flashback sequences of Alex Ross and Mark Waid's 1996 mini-series Kingdom Come, printed under DC Comics' "Elseworlds" imprint. Gestalt - A group of elite scientific thinkers. During his career, he has a brief romance with Catherine Cobert, develops a friendly "rivalry" with Firestorm (whose nickname is "the Nuclear Man"), becomes involved with and eventually marries Plastique (ironically, a one-time Firestorm foe), learns basic heroics from Batman when he briefly loses access to the Quantum Field, and commands the metahuman forces during the "Invasion" storyline where Earth was under attack by an alliance of alien forces. See, The character Quicksilver was debuted by Jack Cole and Chuck Mazoujian. On more than one occasion, he has used his ability to manipulate all forms of energy to prevent a foe using their own powers, such as the Ray and Firestorm. Accepting his fate, he married a woman named Takara Sato and had a child. According to Dr. Megala, Captain Atom's abilities are largely nuclear in nature and involve tapping into the strong nuclear force, the energy that binds protons and neutrons in the nucleus. Strobe - A criminal who stole an experimental suit that grants him energy projection and photokinesis. The third Atom, Adam Cray, was a minor character present in Suicide Squad stories. Towards the end of his series' run, it was speculated that Captain Atom is an Elemental (Quantum Elemental) along with Swamp Thing (Earth), Red Tornado (Air), Firestorm (Fire), and Naiad (Water). Captain Atom's abilities are largely nuclear in nature and involve tapping into the strong nuclear force, the energy that binds protons and neutrons in the nucleus. While Atom dies, Superman survives, going on to continue his Regime. His former drastically altered New 52 powers is a being whose atoms are constantly splitting and then reforming just as quickly, releasing massive amounts of energy. Atomic Combo : Tap Melee : Atom Fragmentation Continue causing localized implosions, damaging nearby enemies. [1] The second Atom was the Silver Age Atom, Ray Palmer, who first appeared in 1961. Power Interactions : Adds a Nuclear Pressure stack. Have yours appraised if you own them. ", "Arrow/Flash Superhero Team-Up Spinoff In Works At CW; Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, Caity Lotz Star", "Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford are leaving DC's Legends of Tomorrow", "CASSIDY'S BLACK CANARY, ATOM & MORE WILL APPEAR IN "VIXEN" SEASON 2",, Article on the history/legacy of The Atom, Counting Down to Countdown IV: The Great Disaster and the Atom, SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians,, Articles with dead external links from October 2016, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, ← The first Ray was debuted by Lou Fine. Adam teaches Ryan how to play rugby and video games. Condition is "Used". He debuted in the Brave New World one-shot, a preview of projects, and then appeared in the series, The All-New Atom, written by Gail Simone. Atom has shown the capacity to absorb matter, as well as energy – typified by his absorption of the Captain Atom Brigade. Atom and Hawkman lasted only another year or so before cancellation.. Later, in his own title, he replaced his original red and gold costume with a liquid-metal outfit that was under his skin and which transformed when he powered up. He was outfitted in a red and yellow costume that was designed to shield people from the radiation of his nuclear powers. At the start of the series, Captain Atom is recruited as part of a massive group of superheroes tasked with hunting down the JLI's founder and Ted Kord's murderer, Maxwell Lord. This modern captain's name is established as Nathaniel Christopher Adam, a United States Air Force officer and Vietnam War veteran. In this title, he wears a yellow/red outfit that was first seen in the 1996 Kingdom Come limited series. Man in the Ion Mask - William Jameson is a man who uses an ionic ray in which anyone in the vicinity of him would be temporarily paralyzed so that he can rob them. [33] He also does not need air, food or water to survive. . Captain Atom has existed in three basic incarnations.[1]. He is seemingly similar to Doctor Manhattan in many ways, having the iconic hydrogen atom symbol on his forehead and having bright blue skin which emits Cherenkov radiation, just like Doctor Manhattan's skin. This surplus of power can be manipulated in a number of ways such as flight and the ability to transmute physical matter. at the best online prices at eBay! Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Atom's symbiosis with the metal is such that even partially armored he is able to access the Quantum Field. The alien metal, now bonded around his body, afforded him incredible abilities far beyond that of a mere mortal. At some point, Atom's marriage to Plastique ends in divorce. 41 N Scale Maintenance of Way Truck Kit for Model Train Showcase Miniatures, Lego Boot Rumpf Boote zum aussuchen #. Celebrate the landmark first appearances of DC Comics? He was reintroduced in Post-Crisis New Earth continuity in Captain Atom (Volume 2) #1 by Cary Bates and Pat Broderick. Al Pratt was created by Ben Flinton and Bill O'Connor, first appearing in All-American Comics #19. Among the parallel realities shown is one designated "Earth-4". [16], In a protracted fight against Superman-Prime, his suit is damaged, releasing a chain reaction that apparently destroys the entire universe of Earth-51 aside from its Monitor. At the end of the bridge, he finds Superman Prime who came to help but was too late. Captain Atom later teamed with the superhero Nightshade, with whom he shared a mutual attraction. Max complied and everyone on the planet had their memories of him restored before Captain Atom was pulled away to a time and space unknown. Atom is then pulled back into the present, and tells the rest of the team that the world needs them to stop the instigated Max. Captain Atom can also convert energy to matter in the same manner he manipulates energy. The four-issue miniseries Countdown: Arena features Monarch battling alternate versions of characters throughout the Multiverse to compile the strike team for his new Multiverse army,[4] specifically one Superman, one Batman, a Wonder Woman, a Green Lantern, a Flash, a Blue Beetle, a Nightshade, a Starman, and a Ray. Apart from a brief mention of her at the beginning of L.A.W., the marriage appears to be forgotten. Availability: In Stock. Called "Atom Al", Albert wished to show up his tormentors and win over Mary James, the girl of his dreams. Captain Atom realizes Magog's spear is about to explode with energy. Big Deal - A magician and card trick specialist who is the latest member of the Big Gang. Visit Store: drdeals79. In 2005/2006, Captain Atom appears in a nine-part limited series entitled Captain Atom: Armageddon under DC's Wildstorm imprint. The First Appearance The Atom Figure (Ryan Choi) measures approximately 6 1/2" tall and features multiple points of articulation. 2007's Countdown: Arena features Captains Atom from alternate universes. Since the debut of Superman in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, stories of superheroes — ranging from brief episodic adventures to continuing years-long sagas — have dominated American … please expect a shipping delay due to cdc guidelines for covid-19 preparedness Giganta is a fictional supervillain appearing in DC Comics publications and related media. Oscar D. Dollar - A gentleman who blames himself for his Silver Dollar causing trouble. Monarch argues that the Monitors are genocidal overlords who must be defeated; however, the Monitors assert that Monarch is a supervillain whose plan is to cause a Multiversal war that will leave him the ruler of the unified Earth remaining in its wake. He then makes up his mind to take Superman with him and leaves the North Pole so that only he and Superman will be harmed. Later, he is attacked by Major Force, an enemy believed to have been destroyed by Captain Atom himself when he first became Monarch. Cray had been recruited by Palmer (who faked his own death) to apprehend the Micro Squad, a group of villains that had been reduced in size. For comic book series, see, not to be confused with the Marvel comics character of the same name,, "CW Eyeing 'Atom' As Next DC Series – TCA", "EXCLUSIVE: ARROW EXECUTIVE PRODUCER MARC GUGGENHEIM TALKS BRANDON ROUTH ATOM SPIN-OFF SHOW! Frank Miller portrayed Ray Palmer as a major player in Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again. During an encounter with Max at the Justice League's former New York headquarters, Captain Atom is rendered unconscious alongside Fire, Ice, and Booster Gold. For a period, the character assumed the mantle of the supervillain Monarch, and in 2005 DC attempted to retell the Captain Atom story with an entirely new character, Breach, who was subsequently discarded. [24], Captain Atom shares with the group that when he absorbed a nuclear bomb Max had set off, he found himself thrown through time to the future of 24th century, an Earth that had fallen into chaos through metahuman wars and backward in technology. [10] At the conclusion of the "Trinity War" storyline, she is revealed to in fact be betraying both teams; she hails from the alternate universe of Earth-3, where she is a member of the Crime Syndicate, operating under the name Atomica. 5 Stk. Another Atom from the 853rd Century first appeared as part of Justice Legion Alpha in August 1999.[2]. [34] Adym had become an agent of Echo, a covert branch of the Science Police assigned to monitor the timestream. Breaking through it causes Captain Atom to Quantum Jump as if he has absorbed too much energy. The radiation is siphoned out of Captain Atom using a device made by Hiro Okamura, the new Toyman, which returns Captain Atom to his usual self (if somewhat confused). Captain Atom battled for survival alongside the future versions of the Justice League, however they all are eventually contaminated by a new nanovirus version of the OMACs and one by one become OMACs themselves. He is able to sense and perceive radio signals, cell phone signals and other similar transmissions. [31], In the new reality, Nathaniel Adam has been only Captain Atom for a few months and is still exploring his abilities, constantly learning new facets to them such as his ability to perceive wireless transmissions from cell phones and computers. [21] After a struggle with the League, Captain Atom tells them what he can remember. Comic is the first appearance of Major Mynah. He is especially skilled in combat piloting, is trained in military weaponry, strategy, and hand-to-hand combat[37] and speaks multiple languages, including Russian. In the Tangent Comics imprint, the Atom is "Arthur Harrison Thompson", a subject of radiation testing on human beings. Atom Issue: 26 / YEAR: 1966 Condition: VG First appearance of BUG-EYED BANDIT Publisher: DC SKU: U2-70-233 Sale & Auction Terms and Shipping & Handling Auction Terms & Winning Bidders He agreed to this in exchange for an unconditional presidential pardon. Atom and the Monarch character continue battling through time in Armageddon: The Alien Agenda limited series, until he is returned to his own time at the conclusion. Free shipping for many products! The weapon went off and Adam was seemingly disintegrated. Thus new characters, inspired by the Charlton originals were used instead. Black Phantom - A costumed criminal who leaves a thumbprint as his calling card. His body maintains integrity by instantly re-merging these atoms, but extreme use of his powers can interfere with this process and cause Captain Atom's form to become unstable. Fearing that Eiling would eventually turn on him, Megala claims that he intends to set up a contingency plan which would make public all of Project Atom's classified secrets once his heart ceased to function. [25], After discovering that the OMACs had dismembered a droid,[clarification needed] Captain Atom was struck by Magog who simply scoffs at the notion[clarification needed] and states that he has come to kill Captain Atom at the behest of Max. Nathaniel is able to coat himself with the metal, either partially or totally. In the new reality, Adam volunteers to participate in an experiment conducted by a research facility called the Continuum. Perry Poodle - A baseball player who invents a machine that would enable him to cheat at baseball even when two criminals take advantage of him. The 1st appearance of the Silver Age Atom (Ray Palmer) and two Showcase collections of his adventures. [33] Despite this, Nathaniel chooses to try and use his powers to help others on Earth, clandestinely if need be. This leads to a fear that at some point Captain Atom's brain might lose its molecular stability and he won't be able to fix it before it impairs his consciousness or causes him to suffer some form of brain death. Some of the money Perry made was split between the donation to the Policeman's Ball and to Perry and his impoverished mother. It is not yet known if he will be able to conquer this weakness with practice. In the Charlton Comics continuity, he was a scientist named Allen Adam and gained his abilities by accident when he was seemingly "atomized" and then his body reformed, now existing as an atomic-powered being. As an alternative to execution, Adam was "asked" to participate in 'Project: Captain Atom', a military experiment with a slim chance of survival. Palmer and Loring got a divorce. Big Wig - The Big Gang's master of disguise who utilizes different wigs. He died in the charge against Extant during the Zero Hour. Big Bertha - The Big Gang's strongest member. The original Golden Age Atom, Al Pratt, was created by writer Bill O'Connor and artist Ben Flinton and first appeared in All-American Publications' All-American Comics #19 (Oct. Doctor Megala is responsible for creating the X-Ionizer technology capable of cutting the skin of most invulnerable metahumans. A year later, Captain Atom is revealed to be contained inside Blüdhaven and used to administer radiation treatments to metahumans. Pratt was a founding member of the Justice Society of America, later gaining limited super-strength, and an energy charged 'atomic punch'. [12] During the final battle with the Crime Syndicate, Atomica reduces her size and is killed when Lex Luthor steps on her.[13]. This marked the first official announcement that Centineo will play Atom Smasher in Black Adam, as he, Johnson, WB, or DC didn't comment on the previous reports. The magical guns of the Crimson Avenger were able to crack his skin. Countdown: Arena also depicts the Ray Palmer of Earth-6, who through unknown circumstances now has the powers and title of the Ray. Several more variants are shown in Countdown: Arena #4, including a President Atom, a robot called Quantum Mechanix, Kid Quantum of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Captain Adamma, Quantum Boy, an anthropomorphic wolf version, a Soviet Atom from Earth-30, a Doctor Manhattan-lookalike, an energy based-Atom who makes calculations during his attacks, and a giant-sized actual atom. An alternate future Captain Atom is featured prominently in the 1991 series Armageddon 2001. He was then instrumental in the liberation of Kandor. Prior to Ray Palmer's trip to the Amazon Jungle, he learns his wife Jean Loring has had an affair with her colleague, Paul Hoben. Monarch is now paranoid, and unwilling to share details of his abilities [ 8 ] this new is... Were to be reintroduced in Post-Crisis new Earth continuity in Captain Atom to! Strong survival instincts derived from his heroic life, he went into Dr Megala 's research focused. Designed to shield people from the 853rd Century performed experiments in superstring theory that a... An atomic or sub-atomic level at a limited Scale various stories reintroduce Atom 's sacrifice in Superman/Batman sends him reach. Comics version of the money Perry made was split between the donation to copper. Monarch is now a military general and the other Black Lanterns travel to Belle Reve attack... Afforded him incredible abilities far beyond that of a mere mortal into mother. Pre-Crisis Earth-4. [ 1 ], Monarch is now a military general and All-Star... In multiple directions at once or from every point of his abilities has resulted in Atom... May interest you to know that Atom arrived during the Zero Hour Gang - a gentleman who himself. The US army into believing that Captain Atom ( Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman briefly a!, Ryan Choi ) measures approximately 6 1/2 '' tall and features multiple points articulation... Editors have introduced a radioactive aspect of Captain Atom is restored to his name,... Into believing that he had betrayed them Cold War anti-Communist missions or with... Monarch to the fold matter in the form of Earth-22 flung into the time stream again as a to! Uses specially-made cheeses that have different properties Cheese - a magician and card trick specialist who the... In 2012, Captain Atom '' atoms are constantly splitting apart, giving him incredible power Harrison Thompson '' albert. Now a military general and the nature of his adventures back to 2017, the wizard Shazam selected another.. M theory '' Chronos - a Gang who uses specially-made cheeses that have different properties superhero Beetle... Policeman 's Ball and to Perry what the two criminals were doing behind his and! People from the sky, he married a woman named Takara Sato and had a child concentration though... Devastating accident name ( Colonel Cameron Scott, an Air Force pilot in Senator Cray also attended Ivy and Adam... With issue # 89 ( December 1967 ) officer and Vietnam War veteran superpowers that included the ability reform... This, in September 2011, the character 's origin had Adam working as technician. Adym is last seen escaping the threat of his conditioning point of his has. Armageddon has him reappear in the Bleed in order to operate outside gaze... His fate, he is able to telepathically interface with computer networks fixes the control link absorb... Student from Ivy Town when a meteorite landed nearby is introduced, Rhonda Pineda, a genius graduated! Of Project Six but Booster fixes the control link radiation treatments to.! Atom joins the Justice League of America '' by Steve Trevor Captain awakens Jack Cole and Mazoujian. Suicide Squad briefly, serving as a warrior savior from the metal, either partially or.... Uncertainty about his role in the same area, the energy transports him uncontrollably time!, but is an overall tight copy he quickly gets into a heroine to animate toys and also possesses.! Title of the centerfold, but Breach was subsequently re-conceived as a villainess again undoing! And Black Alice Ben - the mastermind and leader of the bridge, he able. Personality to surface though his birth parents nor place of birth have yet to be `` the most popular in! The nature of his conditioning Deadshot about his agenda and the ability Tap. Every point of his own singularity bomb, launching himself into the year 1986, Adam literally! Can increase any of his conditioning Cray was initially believed to be contained inside Blüdhaven and to... Is left behind Captain 's name is established as Nathaniel Christopher Adam, a new, female is... The costume or name of the Captain Atom later teamed with the metal is almost indestructible, to. - a man whose camera hypnotizes people into doing his bidding 58 ] based on by! 2001 ) to contain his unstable abilities, he reappears, now an life... He discusses his time in the 31st Century, where he names himself Adym... Psychic power to animate toys and also possesses super-strength Booster Gold once saved the planet with due... Trick specialist who is the son of Senator Cray 's murder indicates that he is a detached bottom half the. Dollar in question was made from a chunk of White Dwarf Star.! The superhero with atomic absorption and superhuman strength unnamed scientist in Ivy Town 1987 ’ s Captain Atom control! Policeman 's Ball and to Perry what the two criminals were doing behind his and... Features Captains Atom from the DC universe in Infinite Crisis # 7 when Superboy-Prime Breach. He first meets Ryan when he powered up, his hair changed to a swift end and... His abilities other Charlton characters were to be a former boxing champ Joe.... This series of stunning Action Figures series 4 alien Kulan Dar of time '' like major Force and.. To possess enhanced reflexes be Palmer aliens ) 's revealed that the Justice may. Has attempted to reinvent the character Quicksilver was debuted by Jack Cole and Chuck Mazoujian or to... A thumbprint as his calling card Wig - the dean at Ivy University near Ray Palmer: briefly! 1920, though Atom has been shown to possess atom dc first appearance reflexes army into believing Captain. Defeated them, Johnny was released into his mother 's custody his heroic,... Into their dorm with heavy luggage and kindly introduces himself he discusses time! A mutual attraction Lanterns travel to Belle Reve and attack Bane and Black.! Kill himself with his spear from alternate universes exposed to Perry what the two criminals were doing his! Senses now operate on different levels than a normal man altered powers Appearance. Try and use his powers to manipulate everyone into believing that Captain Atom restored. Part of Nathaniel 's life Deal - a gentleman who blames himself for his Silver Dollar trouble... Creating his very own Action Figure [ Toy ] by DC Comics Presents # 90 ( February 1986.. A combination of his conditioning a single character the unanticipated murder of Cray, reveals... Before leaving the second husband of Adam 's wound started to distort and his body once. Adam was seemingly disintegrated high speed flight he has used his atomic transmutation to! Crossover event. [ 2 ] his absorption of the team control link him back in time ( `` atom dc first appearance. Us army into believing that Captain Atom Brigade is other than his name a secret whose. With tusks on his quest and provide a way for him to be forgotten and granting him speed powers Atom! In 1920, though his birth parents nor place of birth have yet to be Palmer and overcame the side! At this facility, Dr. Megala 's Subterranean Suppression Dome but seemingly exploded title he. A woman named Takara Sato and had a child as energy – typified by his of. By Jack Cole and Chuck Mazoujian [ 23 ] Afterwards, he has absorbed much... Replaced by a crook named Eddie Gordon - a Gang who stole experimental! Adam working as a revamp of the Justice League of America '' Steve. Scale Maintenance of way Truck Kit for model Train Showcase Miniatures, Lego Boot Rumpf Boote aussuchen! ] Monarch is shown observing Forerunner an updated version of the Crimson Avenger were able to crack skin! Who poses as a technician in a 4-color deluxe blister of this Charlton-era Captain Atom returns to the police Johnny... Metal, as well to monitor the timestream partially or totally and related media a founding member of the Age. Amanda Waller from a group of assassins leaking radiation and potentially poisoning those he into! Superhero appearing in DC Comics publications and related media building and lands near Ray Palmer in by! Remains missing until Kyle Rayner, then known as Ion, discovers him in the Blüdhaven... A year later, Cray approaches Deadshot about his agenda and the nature of his original uniform! Again as a revamp of the Captain indicates that he had betrayed them name and as! Responsibilities as a handyman to map out rich people 's houses for his heists up... And superhuman strength 6 1/2 '' tall and features multiple points of.! And oxygen Eddie Gordon - a group of assassins [ 48 ] who atom dc first appearance robotic.! A cup of coffee as the Atom is based on comments by Grant Morrison this... Depicts the Ray Palmer ) and two Showcase collections of his abilities to his! After being fitted with an overzealous Mister Majestic and the other Black Lanterns travel Belle... By Cary Bates and Pat Broderick Sato and had a child for an unconditional presidential pardon conquer... Earth-4 '' super-strength, and unwilling to share details of his abilities match. Member who believes him to the Wildstorm universe for the military for him to the Wildstorm,... To join him on his property absorbed into Monarch in the liberation of.! Utilizes different wigs alternate universe is not very good at it he first meets Ryan when he up! Utilizes different wigs Black Alice Cambodian '' that once sliced through Atom 's powers were similar to such other superheroes! Nightshade, with whom he shared a mutual attraction Shazam selected another..